Dr. N. Sandhyarani
Professor,School of Materials Science and Engineering, National Institute of Technology Calicut

Dr. Subramanyan Namboodiri Varanakkottu
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, NITC

Dr. Anuj A. Vargeese
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, NITC

Institute level Research & Consultancy Committee (IRCC)

The main aim of such a committee is to enhance the Research & Consultancy (R&C) activities in the Institute from the bottom level itself.

Constitution of the committee:

  • Dean (R & C) (Chairperson)

  • Department R & C Coordinator (Nominated member from each department by HoD)

  • Associate Dean (R & C) (Convener)

The responsibility associated with committee are:

  • Formulate appropriate guidelines for the workflow of External Projects, FRG, Consultancy work, etc.

  • Attract more funding agencies to NIT Calicut.

  • Collect innovative suggestions to strengthen the R & C ecosystem.

  • Coordinate the department level R&C activities by the Department R & C Coordinator (He/She will act as the Nominee of Dean (R&C) in the Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) and R & C project staff interview committee).

  • Provide recommendations on the important matters related to R&C.

  • Any other relevant matter.

The Department R & C Coordinator from 24-01-2022 are the following :

Department Name
DAP Dr. Chithra K., Asst. Professor
CED Dr. Chithra N. R., Asst. Professor
CSED Dr. M. Prabu M., Asst. Professor
EED Dr. Sindhu T. K., Associate Professor
ECED Dr. Sudhish N. George, Asst. Professor
MED Dr. Arun P., Associate Professor
CHED Dr. Panneerselvam R., Asst. Professor
Maths Dr. Satyananda Panda, Professor
Physics Dr. Subramanyan NamboothiriV., Asst. Professor
Chemistry Dr. Mini Mol M., Asst. Professor
SoBT Dr. Md. Anual Kabir, Professor
SMSE Dr Sajith V., Associate Professor
SoMS Dr. Althaf S., Asst. Professor

Dean R & C office administrative staff details

Sl.No Name Designation Intercom (+91495228) Email Id
Mr. Sarathkumar V. AR (R&C) 6153
Mr. Dhanjith M. R. Superintendent (SG II) 6145
Ms. Anju Karun P. K. Project Administrative Assistant 6153 purchases8@
Ms. Jeena R. Project Procurement Assistant 6153 purchases8@
Mr. Mohammed Ashique P. K. Project Procurement Assistant 6153 purchases8@
Ms. Prajina K. Project Procurement Assistant 6153 purchases8@
Mr. Abin K C. Office Assistant 6145